Staff / Group Carer Permissions

Staff / Group Carer Permissions

For Community and Group Editions

We’ve made some changes to how staff permissions are managed. Instead of only being able to enable certain permissions for ALL staff members in Settings, Super and General Administrators will now be able to set certain eForm permissions for each individual staff member.

Setting Default Permissions for new staff members

By default, every staff member will be given the permissions as those in your settings. If your settings for staff are all unchecked, then staff will have no permissions by default. They will then only be able to respond to eForms shared with them, not create, edit, or enable eForms (unless they are delegated to specific eForms).

In the example below, the settings allow staff to create eForms but not enable eForms so all staff will have these permissions by default.  Administrators can then change the permissions for individual staff members in that staff's permissions settings shown above.

Managing Permissions in Bulk

Administrators will also be able to set permissions for Staff members in bulk. Simply choose the desired set of staff, either by filtering to a group and selecting displayed staff or selecting part of a group by clicking on individual staff profiles, and go to the Actions menu and select Add/Remove Permissions to Selected Staff.

The following pop-up will display where you can choose one or more permissions to Add (which will add the selected permissions, no matter the user’s current permissions), Remove (which will remove the selected permissions, if applicable), and Replace (which will first remove all permissions from the user and then replace them with the selected permissions).

Those selected staff will then have the permissions chosen.