Recurring eForm Blueprints

Recurring eForm Blueprints

Community and Group Editions

Recurring eForm Blueprints let administrators schedule a series of forms that are automatically created and automatically archived on specified dates.

When creating a 
Recurring eForm Blueprint, you'll notice an additional tab called "Recurring Options".  Apart from this, creating a Recurring eForm Blueprint is pretty much the same as creating a normal eForm.

How to create a Recurring eForm Blueprint

1. Add eForm
Add an eForm and choose the type of eForm you want to create.

2. Choose your template
Start from a blank eForm or use a Best Practice eForm Templates

3. Edit the recurring Form blueprint and Save
  1. add a title for your recurring eForm with a placeholder date (if a date placeholder is not used, then we will add an automatic date to the title for you)
  2. add questions
  3. add an acceptance or signature element
Tip: To help parents/staff distinguish between eForms, add the created date to the title of the form by using the placeholders shown in the image below.

4. Add members
  1. Add members you want the form sent to
    1. Choose Dynamic Members then click Choose Filter button
    2. Choose the filter that you want to choose and Click Confirm button to save it.
    3. Click Save and Next button.

5. Recurring Options 
The Recurring Options section is where you choose when to automatically create the forms. 
  1. Select dates for the forms to be created
  2. Select a time for the form to be created
  3. Select a time to archive the form
  4. Select a notification schedule
  5. Save your recurring options

After saving, the new eForm Blueprint can be found in Settings>Recurring eForm Blueprints

Note:  The actual eForms will be created at date and time set in Recurring Option above. 
This means the eForms won't be visible in the eForms section until that time.

Email and SMS notifications will then be queued for sending after the forms are created. It can take a few minutes to send thousands of emails so recipients will not receive notifications at exactly the same time.

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