How does a User Share a Profile with an Organisation? (Community Edition)

How does a User Share a Profile with an Organisation? (Community Edition)

For Community Edition

Within Operoo Community Edition the parent/guardian owns the Profile. The data cannot be edited by the school or organisation. This allows the parent/guardian to easily share the same Profile that is shared with the school, with any other organization also using Operoo CE. 
For example, the local school, football team, and scout group may all have access to the Profile - if the parent updates a mobile number, etc all three organizations are also updated.

This article will show Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) how to respond to a profile request from an organization.
  1. No Profile created yet.
  2. With an existing Profile.
No Profile created yet
If you received an invitation (Email/SMS) from an Organisation to share a profile but you have not created one yet, you may follow the instructions in the articles below:
With an existing Profile
If you have already completed a profile and consented with a digital signature, you'll see a Profile Request under the Requests section. 

Select the correct profile from the drop-down box.

Click Share or Create Profile button to complete the process and give view access to the organisation. 

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