When specific student data from Pre-admission eForms is not synced into SIMS

For Group Edition

SIMS schools only

There may be times where SIMS does not allow specific data to sync from Operoo to SIMS. This can occur for a range of reasons - most commonly where the options provided on the pre-admission eForm do not match the values from SIMS lookup tables.


  1. The school adds lookup items to the eForm question but does not add the same value to SIMS
  2. The values of the lookup items are adjusted on eForm questions but not in SIMS
  3. A new SIMS version changes the lookup values used to create eForm questions

Following the school completing the initial syncing of the data from Operoo to SIMS, the school then notices that some of the data selections in the eForm responses for students are not synced into SIMS.

If this does occur, we have further improved the matching of SIMS lookup table items taking into consideration some of the data issues commonly encountered.


To run the tool, execute the following command after downloading the latest version “Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-PusheFormsToSims-ReSyncAllStudents.cmd”.

To run the command file;

  1. Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the tool (ending in .43, as of 16th September 2021). If not, please follow the Configurations Step in this article to download the latest version of the tool - SIMS Pre-Enrolment eForm Data Matching

  2. If you have downloaded the latest version of the tool, locate the folder in which the OperooLoadPreEnrolments tools were initially downloaded to (please see the Configurations Step in the above Knowledge Base article if you are unsure

  3. Double click on the command Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-PusheFormsToSims-ReSyncAllStudents.cmd

  4. All verified eForms (synced or not) will be collected from Operoo and the student information contained in the eForms will be re-synced to SIMS.