What you need to do if your organisation's domain name changes (Community Edition)

What you need to do if your organisation's domain name changes (Community Edition)

For Community Edition
Operoo uses staff email addresses to link a staff members' Operoo profiles with your organisation.
If an organisation (school, club, etc) changes its domain name and updates all their staff email addresses to use the new domain, this will affect the sharing of their staff's Operoo profiles with the organisation.

The following steps will need to take place to put things "back to normal".

Note: these instructions assume you haven't changed SIS and will continue to use the same syncing method

Step 1. Update all staff email addresses your SIS
Follow instructions in your SIS to complete this update.

Step 2. Update all staff email addresses in Operoo
Staff email addresses need to be updated in Operoo manually or via a sync tool if available.  When this is completed, all staff profiles in Operoo will have their new email addresses using the organisations new domain name.
At this stage, staff profiles will no longer be shared with the organisation because the email address in the staff's personal profile won't match the email address recorded in the organisation's Operoo.

Step 3. Ask all staff to sign in to their Operoo account and update their email address
Your staff now needs to change their email address in Operoo.
Send them this link to our knowledge base article that explains how a user can change their email address.
Once this is done, their profile will continue to be shared with the organisation.