What does the "Not Shared with Anyone" mean? (Community Edition)

What does the "Not Shared with Anyone" mean? (Community Edition)

For Community Edition

A profile can be shared with different Organisations (schools, clubs, businesses etc.) and individuals (secondary parent, brother, aunt, etc.). 

If you see a profile with no Organisations or Individuals listed under Sharing section similar to the screenshot below, this means that the profile has not been shared with any Organisation or individual.

To solve this, please follow these steps:

Sharing the profile with an organisation (school, clubs, businesses, etc.)

  • Please contact the organisation (school, clubs, businesses, etc.) and clarify from them if the email address they have on their end is the email address you've used on your Operoo account. If not, please ask them to change it. You can refer to this article.

Sharing the profile with an individual (secondary parent, brother, aunt, etc.)

  • Please view this article to share the profile with an individual.

: You can also check this article on how to view the list of organisation or individual the profile has been shared with.