Updating the "Source of permissions for Contacts (parents/guardians) on Student Records" (Wonde UK schools only)

Updating the "Source of permissions for Contacts (parents/guardians) on Student Records" (Wonde UK schools only)

For Group Edition

This guidance and process is only applicable to UK schools who use Group Edition and sync their data via Wonde.

If you have any questions on either option, please contact the Operoo Support Team.

In Operoo there are two types of permissions that student contacts can be assigned: View and Update or No Permission access. 

When a student contact is assigned View and Update access to Operoo, they have access to the Student Record which may include medical conditions and any eForms that have been responded to by any contact who also has access to the Student Record.

Additionally, the school must select one of the two ways the calculation of the student contact permission takes place. The two ways of calculation are: 

  1. Relationship Type, or

  2. Sync

Relationship Type

When a school elects the calculation of relationship permissions via “Relationship Type”, the Administrator sets the Default Contact Permissions which denotes which student contacts will automatically be assigned ‘View and Update’ and ‘No Permission’ access to Operoo (when View and Update permission is set Operoo will automatically allocate a username and password against the student contacts profile).

For example, looking at the screenshot below Mother and Father are set to ‘View and Update’, Parent and Guardian are set to ‘No Permission’. This means that when the student contacts are synced to Operoo from Wonde, only those contacts who are in the schools MIS as a Mother or a Father will be allocated a username and password, and have access to Operoo. Any other student contact (relationship) will be assigned ‘No Permission’, will not have a username and password and won’t have access to Operoo.

Example 1:

If the Default Contact Permissions for Mother and Father are set to ‘View and Update’, when the student contacts sync to Operoo from Wonde, if there are any Mothers and/or Fathers who cannot have access to Operoo due to a Court Order, etc., the school must manually adjust that contacts permission from ‘View and Update’ to ‘No Permission’.

Example 2:

If a student is living with a family member or carer, for example, a grandparent. The grandparent will have been assigned ‘No Permission’ due to their contact type. The school will need to manually adjust that contact's permission from ‘No Permission’ to ‘View and Update’ so the grandparent can access Operoo. You can do this on an individual basis or in bulk by following these instructions: Bulk Set Permission for Student Contacts and/or How to change the permission of a contact on a student record?(Group Edition).

By default, the setting for all new Operoo accounts created is Relationship Type where Mother, Father, Parent and Guardian are set to View and Update.

If a school adjusts the Default Contact Permissions following the initial sync of data from Wonde to Operoo, the change made will not affect any student contacts already synced to Operoo, but only new student contacts synced from that point.


When a school elects the calculation of relationship permissions via “Sync”, there are certain attributes provided by Wonde on the API that will denote whether a student contact is assigned ‘View and Update’ or ‘No Permission’ when synced from Wonde. The Wonde attributes are described below. If Wonde does not populate these attributes from your MIS, you should only use the Relationship Type option (above) as the permissions granted in Operoo via the Sync option may not be accurate.

If @parental_responsibility is left blank, the default setting is “lives_with_pupil”.

The “Sync” option relies on the following Operoo fields when calculating the student contact permissions (based on the fields the Wonde sync sends to Operoo):

  • parental_responsibility

  • priority

  • Restricted_access

Not all of these fields are populated from Wonde for every MIS. We highly recommend the school speak with Wonde to ensure that the field is in the Wonde API before using the “Sync” option. For example “court_order” and “restricted_access” are not fields in the Wonde API for iSAMS so these will always be blank*.

*As of 26th April 2023

The criteria is set out below;

  • If Court Order or Restricted Access are selected in the schools MIS against a student contact, the contact will be assigned “No Permission” when synced from Wonde to Operoo**.

  • Otherwise, if there is an override permission on the contact, use its value

  • Otherwise, if Parental Responsibility is selected in the schools MIS against a student contact, the contact will be assigned “View and Update” permission when synced from Wonde to Operoo.

  • Otherwise, if the Priority Number in the schools MIS against a student contact is either 0, 1 or 2, the contact will be assigned “View and Update” permission when synced from Wonde to Operoo.

  • If none of the above, the contact will be assigned ‘No Permission’

** All fields are options and depend on the MIS behind Wonde. Please check with Wonde for clarification on the MIS you are using.

If you add student contacts in your MIS as priority 0, but do not want those contacts to be assigned View and Update access, their priority number will need to be altered to 3 or above and not have parental responsibility. 

When the sync option is selected, if a change is made in the MIS to a student contact after that contact is initially synced to Operoo, any further changes in the MIS will automatically alter the permission following the next successful sync after the change was made.

For example, on the 14th of February 2022, a priority 1 student contact is synced to Operoo from Wonde and assigned ‘View and Update’ access. On the 20th of March 2022, that same contact has a court order against them and the court order field in SIMS is selected. Following the next sync after the court order field has been selected, that student contact will have their permission automatically adjusted from ‘View and Update’ to ‘No Permission’.

If using "Source of permissions for Contacts..." option as ‘Sync’ in Operoo, all contact permissions will be overwritten at every run of the sync process. Student contact permissions can still be edited in Operoo (by clicking the pencil icon against the contact). After editing the student contact permissions in Operoo, the change value will be in place until it is further changed in Operoo.

For example, a grandparent has synced into Operoo with a permission of 'No Permission', but the setting is changed in Operoo giving the grandparent 'View and Update' permission. They will continue to have 'View and Update' access and if they should not have access to Operoo, their permission needs to be updated in Operoo to 'No Permission'. Any change in SIMS will not alter the permission given in Operoo.

The settings such as Parental Responsibility and Priority Contact Number are based on the data that Wonde pulls from a school's MIS. If your MIS does not have priority contact numbers as a standard field, please check with Wonde to see what Wonde lists that contact has.

How to alter the source from Relationship Type to Sync (and vice versa)

1. Click into Settings and then Configurations

2. When in the Configurations page, scroll down to the Source of permissions for Contacts (parents/guardians) on the Student Records section.

3. Select either "Relationship type" or "Sync"

If “Sync” is selected, permissions will alter in Operoo on every successful sync if there are any changes made in your MIS.