SIMS Pre-Enrolment eForm Data Matching

For Group Edition

Please ensure you read this article fully and if you need any guidance, contact the Support Team or
Customer Success Manager.

  1. The SIMS version at the school must be version 7.200 (current SIMS version as of August 2021) or the 2 previous versions - 7.198 or 7.196 only.
  2. Pre-enrolled students are deemed enrolled or have been admitted with a future start date in SIMS.

Once the student is deemed enrolled or has been admitted with a future start date in SIMS, Administrators
can sync the data from the Operoo Form Library to SIMS.
This is a manual process that requires the following steps;
  1. Configuration
  2. Syncing of all contacts from SIMS to Operoo
  3. Verifying the data provided on the pre-admission eForms
  4. Syncing the verified data from Operoo to SIMS*
*Please note: this is a recurring step where data can be synced back to SIMS once a response has been
 verified or synced multiple times. For example;

  1. An Administrator may choose to verify 5 eForm responses, sync that data back and then continue
     verifying responses, or

  2. Verified responses have been synced back to SIMS; a change is then made in the eForm which
    results in the need to resync the responses.

Prior to the data syncing from Operoo to SIMS, the following configuration steps need to take place.

NOTE: You must be signed-in as a Super Administrator to see and use this menu item.
  1. Download the zip file with the OperooLoadPreEnrolments tool compatible with your SIMS version 
    http://caremonkey-downloads.s3-website-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/. For example,
     OperooLoadPreEnrolments.v is compatible with SIMS 7.200
  2. Extract the files to an empty folder on the Desktop or any folder on a local drive. 
    (Note: UNC paths cannot be used to reference the files)
  3. In Operoo, download the configuration file “SyncMonkey.Agent.exe.config”, from your settings page
    ntegration Settings>Download Agent Configuration" and copy the file
    “SyncMonkey.Agent.exe.config” into the folder the files in the above steps were extracted to.

There are four files to be used to sync the pre-enrolment data into SIMS;
  1. Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-SendContactsToOperoo.cmd - syncs the contact data from SIMS into Operoo
  2. Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-PusheFormsToSims.cmd - syncs the eForm data from Operoo into SIMS
  3. Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-PusheFormsToSims-ReSyncAllStudents.cmd - syncs only individual student
    and no student contact data from Operoo to SIMS. For example, this tool would
    only sync a students ethnicity. Please see this separate Knowledge Base article 
    if this tool is required
    When specific student data from Pre-admission eForms is not synced into SIMS
  4. Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-RemoveDuplicateContactDetails.cmd - removes student contact
    duplicated phone numbers and email addresses in SIMS for pre-admission students. Please see this
    separate Knowledge Base article if this tool is require

    Removing duplicate contact details for individual student contacts in SIMS

Important: For initial syncing of data for pre-admissions eForms, please use command
"Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-PusheFormsToSims.cmd". Commands
"Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-PusheFormsToSims-ReSyncAllStudents" and
Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-RemoveDuplicateContactDetails.cmd" are used for re-syncing of
student data from eForms that have been initially synced, and for removal of duplicated
contact information data 
in SIMS.

Right-click and edit the files to make sure the paths to the SyncMonkey.Agent.exe.config file are correct. 

Important: Please ensure you remove the reference “C:\CareMonkey\

Syncing of all contacts from SIMS to Operoo
The first step to place data from the pre-enrolment eForms into SIMS is to configure all existing student
 contacts from SIMS into Operoo.
This step should be simple and is triggered by double clicking the
 command file. The file is inside the zip file that was downloaded/extracted in the configuration step
above. The file contains multiple files, the file to double click on is below
  1. Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-SendContactsToOperoo.cmd
Once the file has been double clicked, the contacts will start syncing from SIMS to Operoo. 

The syncing process might take a few minutes depending on the amount of contacts currently on SIMS.
Please allow the tool to finish running. There are 2 steps in this process, the first is extracting contacts,
followed by synchronizing those contacts. Once the syncing has finished the message in your Sync Logs
will be “Finished synchronizing xxxx Pre-Enrolment contacts synchronized”.

Also, in the command prompt box there will be the message of “SIMS contacts were sent to Operoo,
 please use Operoo to prepare eForm responses”.

Verifying the data provided on the pre-admission eForm  
1. Open the “Pre-Enrolment eForms” screen to view eForms that need to be matched. This screen is
 located under Settings.

If you do not see the Pre-Enrolment eForm option, please contact your Customer
Success Manager or the Support Team.

NOTE: You must be signed-in as a Super Administrator to see and use this menu item.

2. You'll now see a screen similar to the one below where;
  1. Green indicates the submission has been verified
  2. Red indicates the submission needs to be verified
Administrators can filter on the columns to show those records which have or have not been verified,
 and also those records which have been synced to SIMS.

3. To verify the data, click on the 3 lines and choose "Prepare/Verify"

Any issues will be listed under List of Issues and clicking the red arrow will take you directly to the
issue in question. Examples of the issues could be;

  1. Has field value issues - this could mean that the selection made in the eForm does not exist in SIMS
    (I.e. looking at Title/Salutation the option of Sir has been selected on the eForm, but Sir does not exist in SIMS)

  2. Relationship to child: Cannot be blank
  3. Is not yet prepared - shown when contacts are part of the eForm
To fix the issue, you might need to edit the answers provided on the eForm.  To edit answers, click on the
Edit Answers button. Once the edit has been completed, scroll to the bottom of the eForm and click Submit Response.

If contacts are added as part of the eForm, Administrators will need to verify if the contact provided on the
eForm(s) is a new or existing contact in SIMS.  If an existing contact, the data in the eForm will override that
in SIMS. If a new contact, a new contact will be created in SIMS.

After contacts are prepared, they will have one of 3 statuses;
  1. Won’t be synced
  2. Prepared (Linked to contact)
  3. Prepared (Will create a new contact)

4. Click on Prepare to start to prepare the contact data
4. Click on Prepare

to start to prepare the contact data

5. To prepare the contact;
  1. Use the dropdown list to select a matching contact from SIMS, or
  2. Click ‘Ignore for Sync’ if you don’t want to sync this contact

NOTE: If no contact is selected from the dropdown list a new record will be created in SIMS

In this next step, Administrators will be shown a separate screen with existing contact information from
 SIMS (if there is an existing contact) as well as the contact information provided by the parent in the eForm(s).

From here the Administrator needs to confirm if the contact is to be treated as a new, or existing contact
 in SIMS prior to the data being synced to SIMS.

6. You can type in a name directly into the box to speed up the search, or copy and paste into the search field.

7. Click OK to confirm your selection, followed by Mark Prepared.

Once all contacts have been prepared, the verify button will be enabled.

8. To verify the response, select Click Here to Verify

Syncing the verified data from Operoo to SIMS
All verified eForm responses will be synced the next time the file Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-PusheFormsToSims.cmd runs.  To run this file, double click it, then click “Run” (if this prompt comes up). The file is inside the zip file that was downloaded/extracted in the Configuration step. 
  1. Syncing will only occur for rows with Verified = Yes and Synced = blank
  2. Non-verified items will not be synced.
After syncing, you can re-sync items by choosing 'Re Sync' via the menu next to each eForm. Doing this will remove the synced value of that row (which in turn allows that row to be synced again into SIMS).

NOTE: If data is resynced, duplicate records may be created so the recommendation is to only resync data that does not contain any contacts, if resyncing is required. Alternatively, SIMS can be updated. If you are going to resync the data, the contacts must be synced from SIMS again
prior to resyncing to avoid duplicate records.

The process of syncing the Verified data from Operoo to SIMS should be triggered as many times as necessary. Some log entries about the steps taking place by this tool are added to the Sync Logs page in Operoo. Settings>Integration Settings.

Important to note:
  1. If you have twins or triplets starting in the new year, please prepare and verify one siblings eForm responses to SIMS, then resync your contacts from SIMS to Operoo (syncing of all contacts from SIMS to Operoo step above) before preparing and verifying the other siblings eForm response.  This step is required to avoid creating new contact records multiple times.
  2. Contact addresses will not be linked to student addresses or other contacts once the data is synced from Operoo to SIMS. This process will need to take place in SIMS via the Housekeeping Tool.

SIMS Validation
There are certain fields in SIMS that have validation on them, if the response given by the parent or carer does
not meet the validation requirement, SIMS will not accept the data and an error will be provided to the school
in the Sync Logs in Operoo. 
Validation requirements include;
  1. A chosen name cannot exceed 60 characters
  2. A county cannot exceed 40 characters
  3. A district cannot exceed 40 characters
  4. An email address provided must be valid, for example, the response cannot be "unknown",
    and must be name@domain.co.uk/com
  5. A hour name cannot exceed 40 characters
  6. A house number cannot exceed 20 characters
  7. A job title cannot exceed 30 characters
  8. An NHS number cannot exceed 10 characters
  9. A phone number cannot exceed 20 characters
  10. A postcode cannot exceed 9 characters
  11. A street cannot exceed 40 characters
  12. A town cannot exceed 40 characters
  13. A workplace cannot exceed 60 characters

Error Handling
  1. Connect.ini file error
    1. The location of the INI file is configured in Operoo, and the windows user executing the
      pre-admission tool does not seem to have enough privileges to access it.
    2. The test the user can read the file, ask the user to open the file indicated in the error.

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