Removing duplicate contact details for individual student contacts in SIMS

For Group Edition

SIMS schools only

When a school has synced their pre-admission data from Operoo to SIMS, there may be instances in SIMS where a contact has duplicate contact data, for example Mother might have 3 email addresses. 

We have created a Pre-admission Tool that can be executed which enables schools the ability to clean up the duplicated phone and/or email data from the pre-admission student contacts.

When a school Administrator prepares the eForm responses containing student contacts, all contacts are required to be marked as one of the following options:

  • Linked to an existing contact in SIMS 

  • Create a new contact in SIMS 

  • Won’t be synced (the contact will not be synced to SIMS).  This is used, for example, where a contact has been provided twice on the eForm or only minimal information has been provided and not enough to create a new record in SIMS)

Please refer to this Knowledge Base article for details on the statuses, or the process of SIMS Pre-Enrolment eForm Data Matching if required:

SIMS Pre-Enrolment eForm Data Matching

This duplicated data can only occur when the sync is run multiple times (for example if SIMS were to reject certain data).

Running the duplicate clean-up tool

To run the tool, execute the following command after downloading the latest version “Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-RemoveDuplicateContactDetails.cmd”.

When executing, the tool will read all the student contacts from SIMS which are associated with Students present in Operoo and determine which ones have phones and email addresses duplicated.

Before executing any change on the student contacts, the tool will report all the student contacts found with duplicated phone numbers and email addresses on the screen and prompt the user to type “PROCEED” should they decide to proceed with the change.

To run the command file;

  1. Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the tool (v.43 as of the 16th September 2021). If not, please follow the Configurations Step in this article to download the latest version of the tool - SIMS Pre-Enrolment eForm Data Matching

  2. If you have downloaded the latest version of the tool, locate the folder in which the OperooLoadPreEnrolments tools were initially downloaded to (please see the Configurations Step in the above Knowledge Base article if you are unsure)

  3. Double click on the command “Operoo.LoadPreEnrolments-RemoveDuplicateContactDetails.cmd”

  4. Duplicate phone numbers and/or email addresses will be shown to the school, following the prompt, type “PROCEED” if you want the duplicate data shown to be deleted from SIMS

  5. Once “PROCEED” is typed, the duplicate data is removed from the student contacts in SIMS.

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