Operoo for ICON

Operoo for ICON

For Community Edition
Does Operoo work for schools using ICON?

Operoo is working very well for our existing customers using ICON.  

There are two ways a school can sync Operoo with ICON.

1. Automatically via ICON integration. This method uses ICON API's provided by MACS (Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools). As at Feb 24 2021, we are in the final stages of certification with MACS to be able to offer this integration to schools. Until then, our users can sync data from ICON to Operoo using the spreadsheet method.

2. Spreadsheet method.

Important Notes about using Operoo in the ICON environment
According to MACS ,  medical data is not data required for compliance reporting to government or system bodies, however, it is critical data for ensuring the safety and care of students.

ICON schools can use Operoo as the school's single source of truth for medical data provided that the school has provided clarity around where and how staff access the data via Operoo. ie.  It is the principal’s responsibility to ensure that their teachers understand where the single source of truth is held for medical data.

We (Operoo) are recommending that to avoid any confusion over where medical data is stored, and to avoid different versions of medical data in Operoo vs. ICON, that a school using Operoo should not use the Community Portal for updating medical data. That way, there will only be one copy of medical data available to authorised staff in the Operoo system and Operoo App. ​

If clarification is required from MACS, please contact Fiona Turner, eLearn Product Owner, ICON Project.

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