Migrating from one integration type to another

Community and Group Editions

DANGER:  These instruction are only to be used after consulting with your Operoo Customer Success Manager

      1.      Run “Manual Objects Report” and save the results


      2.      Stop the current sync

      3.      Remove all integration IDs using tool in Operoo


      4.      Delete old integration setup from Operoo settings

      5.      Delete all groups in Operoo (Org owner has to do this via Operoo Settings. Groups are not matched and will be re-created after syncing)


      6.      Ensure Student IDs in Operoo match the Student IDs in SIS

Make sure your Student IDs are up to date. 
The Student will be duplicated if their IDs don't match

      7.      Ensure Staff IDs in Operoo match the Staff IDs in SIS
Make sure your Staff IDs are up to date. 
The Staff will be duplicated if their IDs don't match

       8.      Add new integration

                        New integrations might be behind a feature flag

      9.       Check CSV files
  1. Check relationship types in CSV are correct
  1. Check that every contact in the CSV has either a student ID OR integration ID but not both

      10.      Run new integration

      11.      Run "Manual Objects Report" report to see non-matched contacts, staff and students

      12.      Compare both Manual Objects Reports from step 1 and 10 and take any required manual action

Formula for Student Contacts Integration ID



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