Message Centre

Group Edition

The Message Centre is the hub for sending messages in Operoo.

It the place to go for:

  1. sending messages to multiple students or staff not in any specific groups
  2. sending messages to multiple groups at once (or a single group)
  3. Seeing all previously sent messages with some basic analytics

To start using the Message Centre:
  1. Click on the Message Centre icon on the side navigation strip.

  1. On the Message Centre screen, choose whether you want to send the message to Parents, Students or Staff

  1. Choose a group to send to
  2. You can also include or exclude specific members. 

For example you might want to send a message to:

  • all parents whose kids were late to school that day
  • all students who has detention that day
  • all staff but exclude those who are on annual leave
  • the football team but always exclude a member because they've broken their arm and won't play for the rest of the season.

  1. Click Next

  1. Select the recipients
  2. Compose the message
  3. Send the message