How to change student IDs

How to change student IDs

For Community and Group Editions

Within Operoo the Student ID is generally the Student Number (VSN, NESA, UniSQ, USI, etc) associated with the Student in the School's Student Management database.
For those organisations that are not schools, the Student (Member, Participant, etc) number should be a unique number that allows a quick reference or identification of the record within Operoo.

Administrators can modify existing student IDs by using a spreadsheet import.

1. Open the Modify Student IDs window
  1. Click the Add drop down in the Student Section.
  2. Choose the Modify students IDs option

2. Download Sample CSV and create your own CSV spreadsheet
  1. You can download the sample Students CSV file by clicking the link.
  2. Required fields for the spreadsheet will be shown.  Make sure your own spreadsheet contains every column
  3. Column titles should match exactly as indicated. 



Note: the matching process is case sensitive so make sure your spreadsheet data has the correct upper/lower casing.

3. Select your spreadsheet
  1. Click Select file and navigate to where your CSV spreadsheet file is saved.


4. Preview Changes
  1. Click the Preview changes before importing button
  2. Click the Download Changes Preview

A txt file will be automatically downloaded 
    1. Open the TXT file to view the changes that will take place if you continue uploading the spreadsheet.
    2. The TXT file would also show you if there are any errors in your spreadsheet

5. Correct any errors and Import new data
  1. Review the downloaded preview and fix any errors
  2. Click the Preview changes before importing button
  3. If the previews shows no error, click on the Import button to complete the process

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