Operoo Event Documents

Operoo Event Documents

Group and Community Editions

Event Documents gives administrators and staff a way to group together and see all documents related to an event.

This saves time looking for documents such as trip approvals, risk assessments, parental permissions forms, itineraries, food menus, sightseeing information, maps, etc.

Here's how it works.

1. Click on the new Event Documents icon

2. Exploring the Event Documents screen

The first time you enter this screen, you'll see a list of events that you've already created. Every time you create an eForm that is of type "Event", it will automatically appear in this list.

3. Adding Event Documents

Click on an event to enter the document area for that event.

The first thing you'll notice is that staff have already been added.  The staff list is compiled from the assigned staff on the original eForm.

Assign Event Leaders

At this point, you might want to assign some staff members are Event Leaders giving them additional privileges.

4. Upload Documents

The Upload Document link lets you upload 3rd party documents such as maps, itineraries, hotel reservations, etc.

Next, click Select File

Only PDFs and image files can be uploaded

You can select multiple files if they're in the same folder by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and clicking on each file with your mouse.

After choosing your files, click Open

Next, click Upload

Your documents are now in Operoo.  

At this point, you can choose to make some document visible to Event Leaders only.

You can do this by checking the box next to those documents.

5. Upload Self Service Submissions

Click on Upload Self Service Submissions to upload copies of Self Service submissions.  

The submissions will be added as PDF files. Attachments in the submission will be also added as separate PDF files.

  • Hover over each submission to get a small preview of the submission.  The preview usually includes the name and purpose of the submission.
  • The search tool will help you find the correct submission by searching the form's name and the content of the preview.
  • Select submission to add by clicking on the checkbox next to it

Click Save to add submissions to the event documents

Staff View of Event Documents in Operoo Central

Under Groups and eForms, staff will see an additional button called "Event Documents".  The button only appears if the administrator has added documents to the event.

Click on Event Documents to view the event documents.

Event staff will see all documents they've been given access to, as well as the details of the other staff assigned to the event.  

Event leaders are highlighted with (Event Leader) next to their name.    Event leaders will have access to documents that have been marked for Event Leaders Only.

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