Administrator Roles

Administrator Roles

For Community and Group Editions

Administrator roles give you the ability to restrict access to eForms and their responses to individual Administrators. For example, only Administrators assigned a 'Human Resources' role will be able to access any HR eForms and their responses.

Previously, there were only two roles for Administrators; Super and General. Now an Administrator with the 'Super' role can create additional roles and assign them to other Administrator's.

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Use the Administrators, Manage Roles and Bulk Assign Roles pages to manage your Administrators and their roles.

Use the 'Access Restrictions' on the Settings page of the eForm Builder to specify the roles that have access to that eForm and it's responses.

By default, all existing and new eForms will already have the 'Super' and 'General' roles. You can add and remove roles but you need to have at least one role for an eForm.

Administrators can see which roles they have access to (or not) in the eForms administration interface using filters. A padlock icon appears on eForms an Administrator can't access.

Similarly, Administrators are restricted to the eForms they have roles for in the eForm Library.